What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift is a procedure to raise sagging breasts to a more youthful position by removing excess skin and tightening tissue to recontour the breasts. There are many factors that can lead to changes in a woman’s breasts, including pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, heredity, and weight fluctuations. The Bellesoma breast lift, offered in Scottsdale, utilizes the Bellesoma method to achieve these results. Scottsdale breast lift procedures can also address nipple correction if needed. This innovative cosmetic surgery technique ensures minimal scarring and optimal results. To learn more about the Bellesoma lift and if it is right for you, contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

Candidates for Breast Lift

Healthy adults who are bothered by their sagging breasts, have nipples and areolas that point downward, or have stretched breast skin can often benefit from a breast lift. However, it is important to understand that a breast lift cannot significantly increase the size of the breasts. If you would like your breasts to be fuller, a breast augmentation combined with a lift may be beneficial. The Bellesoma breast lift, available in Scottsdale, offers an advanced approach to achieve youthful and firm breasts. To learn more about this cosmetic surgery procedure, contact our office today to schedule a consultation appointment and discover if the Bellesoma breast lift is right for you.

The Procedure

The breast lift procedure is achieved through a range of incision patterns. The incision pattern that is right for you will depend on your breast shape and size, your skin quality, and the amount of breast sagging present. We offer minimal scarring with our Bellesoma technique, a method known for its effectiveness in providing a more youthful breast position. The Bellesoma breast lift is particularly beneficial for those looking to improve their breast aesthetics with minimal visible scarring. This advanced cosmetic surgery, available in Scottsdale, ensures optimal results and patient satisfaction. The combination of precise incision techniques and the innovative Bellesoma method makes the Scottsdale breast lift a top choice for enhancing your natural beauty.

The Bellesoma Technique:

The Bellesoma Breast Lift is a groundbreaking procedure that lifts sagging breasts to a more youthful position without the need for vertical incisions. Utilizing a patented software model, this technique forms new breast mounds, elevating them on the chest wall and securing them to the chest muscle with internal straps. The Bellesoma method reshapes the breasts by tightening tissue, addressing changes from pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, heredity, and weight fluctuations. Unlike traditional methods, it avoids vertical scars, making incisions discreetly in the breast crease and around the areola, ensuring they blend and fade over time. For those seeking a Scottsdale breast lift, the Bellesoma method offers an advanced solution with minimal scarring.


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The breast lift procedure is commonly performed as an outpatient procedure, so you can return home afterward to recover. You can expect to experience some swelling and soreness following your procedure, though pain medication can help keep you comfortable. You will need to wear a special compression garment or surgical bra to reduce swelling and support your new breast contour. Many patients can return to work within the first week of their procedure, depending on the nature of their job. Be sure to follow our specific recovery instructions to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Schedule Your Consultation

If you are interested in learning more about the breast lift procedure and if it can benefit you, contact North Valley Cosmetic Surgery in Scottsdale, AZ today. Your first step will be to schedule a consultation with the doctors at North Valley Cosmetic Surgery, who believe in helping their patients look and feel their very best through cosmetic surgery.

Breast Lift FAQs

Is a breast lift covered by insurance?

Breast lifts are not covered by insurance.

Do I need a breast lift or just implants?

A lift is needed when the implant will not be enough to re-position the skin of the breast and nipple onto the correct portion of the implant. Ideally, the nipple should be centered over the implant as much as possible. For many patients seeking breast augmentation, this can be accomplished with implant alone.

Do you lose sensation with breast lift?

A common concern among breast lift patients is if they will lose nipple sensation following surgery. In almost all cases, any change in nipple sensation is only temporary and will usually resolve within 6 to 8 weeks following the breast lift procedure.

Do you still have feeling in your nipples after breast lift?

In almost all cases, any change in nipple sensation is only temporary and will usually resolve within 6 to 8 weeks following the breast lift procedure. The reason nipple sensation may be affected is because the nerve supply to the nipple can be disrupted during the operation.

How do you shower after a breast lift?

Remove the bra.nRemove all the GAUZE (these are the white squares that are being help on by tape on breasts)nDO NOT remove the STERISTRIPS (the white tape on the incision)nTAKE SHOWER (no tub bath) with soap and water. ...nWhen you are done with shower, gently pat yourself dry in all areas.

How long do breast lift results last?

Some patients find that their breast lift results last for well over 15 years while others may seek minor cosmetic alterations sooner. On average, breast lift results last for 10 to 15 years.

How long does a breast lift last?

Some patients find that their breast lift results last for well over 15 years while others may seek minor cosmetic alterations sooner. On average, breast lift results last for 10 to 15 years.

How long does a breast lift take?

A breast lift itself takes approximately 3 1/2 hours and the remainder of the time will be spent administering anesthesia and preparing you to go home.

How painful is a breast lift?

Whenever you have surgery, you will likely experience some discomfort associated with the procedure, and patients typically describe the discomfort associated with a breast lift as moderate.

How soon after breast lift can I exercise?

Breast lift patients should plan on waiting at least six weeks, or until cleared by their plastic surgeon, before doing more strenuous exercise or upper body strength training. Breast lift surgery can remove excess skin and tighten the surrounding tissue to create a firm, perky appearance.

Is getting a breast lift safe?

Surgery comes with a risk of complications, even though breast lift surgery itself is typically very safe. Your surgeon and care team will check in with you throughout the healing process and are always available to answer any of your concerns.

What is a crescent breast lift?

The crescent lift works best for breasts that have minor sagging. The procedure is usually combined with a breast augmentation. The plastic surgeon makes a crescent-shaped incision along the top half of your areola. The crescent skin is removed, and the implants are inserted.

What types of breast lifts are there?

Lollipop Lift. As with all of the procedures listed here, the lollipop lift takes its name from the shape of the incision made in the breast. ...nThe Anchor Lift. ...nThe Donut Lift. ...nThe Crescent Lift.

Will a breast lift reduce cup size?

Typically, a breast lift (medically referred to as mastopexy) reduces bra size by one cup. However, this is usually not the result of volume loss. When excess skin and sagging breast tissue are removed or repositioned, cup sizes are naturally reduced. For many women, this is a good thing.

Will a breast lift remove stretch marks?

On the breast area, stretch marks can be removed during mastopexy (breast lift) or breast reduction surgery. These incisional surgeries require a surgical scar in order to remove the excess skin and tighten the skin envelope, thus improving the shape or contour.

Will breast lift affect breastfeeding?

Breast lift usually has no impact on the ability to breastfeed. It is absolutely possible to breastfeed after breast lift (and breast augmentation and breast reduction) surgery.

Does a breast lift cost more than implants?

On average, the cost of breast implant surgery will be between $6,000 and $12,000 as recently as 2020. While this price may seem like an investment, it’s important to note that the cost of breast implants hasn’t changed very much over the last few decades. You can also generally expect breast implants to be a long-term investment given how long implant results will last.nnTo compare, the cost of a breast lift usually runs between $9,000 and $16,000. One reason a breast lift can be more costly than breast implants is because of the relative complexity of a breast lift. Because breast lifts involve more time and skill from a surgeon to remove tissue and lift breasts into a higher position, breast lift surgery typically costs a little more than breast implants. The downside of this higher cost is that the results of a breast lift also don’t last as long as breast implants.

Does a breast lift leave scars?

Getting a breast lift will likely lead to some amount of scarring, but you shouldnt expect significant scars. The best way to prevent severe scarring is to find a surgeon whos experienced with this type of surgery.

Does a breast lift make your nipples less sensitive?

A common concern among breast lift patients is if they will lose nipple sensation following surgery. In almost all cases, any change in nipple sensation is only temporary and will usually resolve within 6 to 8 weeks following the breast lift procedure.

Does insurance pay for breast lift?

Most breast lifts are considered cosmetic surgeries. Health insurance companies usually dont cover them unless they are done as part of a mastectomy reconstruction.

How long does it take for breast lift scars to heal?

Incisions upon the breast area will remain red and potentially lumpy for about six weeks post-op. After six weeks, the incision site will start to develop a firm healing ridge. It will take another six months or so before this solid ridge begins to soften.

How long does vampire breast lift last?

Your skin will respond to the “injuries” caused by the injections by creating new tissues. You should notice gradual changes in breast tone and texture over the coming months. You should see full results within three months. According to the official VBL website, these results should last up to two years.

How much does breast lift cost?

A breast lift costs on average between $5,000 to $10,000 depending on the amount surgical work required to restore your breasts to a plump, round appearance. The best way to obtain a more accurate estimate is to meet Dr. Andres, the premier breast surgeon in Scottsdale, for a personal consultation.

How much is a mini breast lift?

Average cost: $4,636nPerky doesnt have to be a thing of the past – this procedure offers an alternative method to re-inflate sagging, droopy and poorly shaped breasts.

What is a non surgical breast lift?

A non-surgical breast lift vacuum works much like cupping, in which a medical vacuum is placed on the pectoral muscles which lift loose breast skin. This procedure can also help blood circulation and soften fat deposits in the breast. The benefits from this noninvasive breast lift are: Quick recovery time. No scarring.

What is a partial breast lift?

A partial breast lift gives a slight lift to the breasts and is appropriate for patients with minimal breast ptosis.

What is a wrap around breast lift?

Some plastic surgeons use a band or strap on the upper aspect of the breasts of patients following the surgery to reduce the fullness of the upper pole of the breasts, or to keep the breast implants from migrating upwards.

What is the vampire breast lift?

A vampire breast lift (VBL) augments your breasts without surgery. Providers inject platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to improve skin texture and make your breasts appear fuller. Side effects are minimal, but may include bruising, swelling and tenderness, and theres no downtime.


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